Understanding Prop 13

Learn more about the Public Preschool, K–12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2020


Isaac Limon

Construction continues on the City College campus behind the S building. Photo by Isaac Limon/City Times

City Times Staff

Proposition 13 will be present in the ballot, for the 2020 primary elections.

If passed, this proposition authorizes $15 billion in bonds for public education, $2 billion of which are designated to community colleges for construction and renovations of facilities and the remaining $13 billion allocated to pre-schools, K-12 schools and public universities.

The proposition is endorsed by Governor Gavin Newsom, the California Democratic Party and the Los Angeles Times. It is opposed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and The San Diego Union-Tribune. 

Keep in mind:

The bonds will be repaid by the state general fund with the amount of $740 million a year for 35 years. In total, $26 billion in bonds will be repaid after $11 billion in interest.

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