Proposition 16: Affirmative action repeal (with video)

Proposition 16 threatens to reverse affirmative action policies in California

Proposition 16

Ryan Hoeffs

Prop. 16 was written by Shirley Weber (D), a San Diego-based Representative to the California State Assembly. Graphic by Ryan Hoeffs

Ryan Hoeffs, Staff Writer

The gist

Proposition 16 would repeal Proposition 209, which banned the state from discriminating against or favoring any individual on the basis of their race or sex. Affirmative action would be left to the federal government, which is currently allowed under “strict scrutiny,” an individualized form of judicial review that examines scenarios case by case. The proposal was written by Shirley Weber (D), a San Diego-based Representative for District 79 to the California State Assembly.

There is no immediate fiscal impact, but the future is highly dependent upon what programs local and state institutions implement to ensure diversity.

Supporters acknowledge there is still a systemic problem and this attempts to solve it.

Opponents believe a repeal would be a step backward, and say providing extra perks for race isn’t “equal rights.”

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• Governor Gavin Newsom
Kamala Harris
• Nancy Pelosi
• Mayor Kevin Faulconer
• UC Board of Regents 


• Ward Connerly, UC Board of Regents (Ret.) and founder of the American Civil Rights Institute
• Ling Ling Chang
• Melissa Melendez
• Student for Fair Admissions Inc.

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