Proposition 17: Parolees’ right to vote

Prop. 17 amends state constitution to allow parolees to vote

Proposition 17

Marlena Harvey

Prop. 17 wants to amend the state constitution to allow parolees the right to vote. Graphic by Marlena Harvey

Marlena Harvey, News Editor

The gist 

Proposition 17 restores voting rights to people on parole. Upon completion of prison sentence served, their voting rights would be restored, aligning California with other states.

The fiscal impact includes annual county costs for voter supplies and one-time state costs for registration materials.

Supporters say, according to recent parole commission reports, citizens who complete their prison sentence and have their right to vote restored are less likely to commit violent crimes in the future.

Opposers say citizens who committed violent crimes such as murder, rape or child molestation are denying full justice to crime victims with their right to vote restored.

What the media is saying

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• Patty Quillian, philanthropist and wife to Netflix co-founder
• Susan Pritzker-Former CEO Hyatt and philanthropist
• ACLU of Northern California


• Harriet Salarno, founder, Crime Victims United of California
• Jim Nielsen, chairman (Ret.), California Board of Prison Terms
• Ruth Weiss, vice president, Election Integrity Project California

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