Proposition 25: Abolishing cash bail

Replaces cash bail with risk assessments for detained suspects

Proposition 25

Vicky Pineda

Prop. 25 replaces cash bail with a system based on public safety. Graphic by Vicky Pineda

Rachel de la Torre and Vicky Pineda

The gist

Proposition 25, will uphold the current state legislation, Senate Bill 10, which replaces the cash bail with risk assessments for detained suspects, who are awaiting trials. If Prop 25 doesn’t pass, it repeals the legislation Senate Bill 10, which keeps in place the use of cash bail for detained suspects who are awaiting trial.

The fiscal impact of this ballot measure is that it will increase state, and local costs possibly within the mid-hundreds of millions of dollars yearly for the new process for releasing suspects from jail before their trial. As well as, there would be a decrease in county jail costs possibly in the tens of millions of dollars yearly.

What the media is saying

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• Karen Bass, U.S. State Representative
• California Governor Gavin Newsom
• Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, Assemblymember
• Toni Atkins, State Senate President
• Todd Gloria, Assemblymember
• California Democratic Party
• California Teachers Association
• League of Women Voters of California


• Orange County Board of Supervisors
• American Bail Coalition
• California Bail Agents Association
• California Business Roundtable
• Crime Victims United of California

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