Proposition 15: Commercial tax assessment changes

Taxes would be based on market value, not purchase price

Proposition 15

Lucas Barreto

Proposition 15 increases funding for public schools, community colleges and local government services. Graphic by Lucas Barreto

Lucas Barreto, Staff Writer

The gist

Proposition 15 says it increases funding for public schools, community colleges and local government services by changing tax assessment of commercial and industrial property.

It will increase property taxes on commercial properties worth more than $3 million and will provide approximately $6.5-11.5 billion in new funding toward local governments, schools and community colleges.

Supporters believe this closes property tax loopholes benefiting wealthy corporations, cuts taxes for small businesses, protects homeowners and renters, requires full transparency and reclaims billions of dollars for schools and local communities.

Opponents argue i
t would be senseless to pass one of the biggest tax increases in California history in the middle of a pandemic. And while small businesses are technically exempt, large landlords may end up passing the costs to some of their tenants and customers.

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• Joe Biden
• Gavin Newsom, Governor of California
• Cory Booker, New Jersey state senator
• California Teachers Association
• Democratic Party of California


• Vince Fong, California State Assemblymember
• Republican Party of California
• California Chamber of Commerce
• California Retailers Association

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