VIDEO: From elections results to power tools, 2020 a year of new Google trends

Searches went beyond the election, COVID-19


Did you wonder why chainsaws were invented during the pandemic? You were not alone. Canva photo

Devon Doane, Multimedia Journalist, Newscene

Google, the most used web search engine in the world, lets you see what was trending all year.

So Newcene decided to take a look at the most searched things of 2020. 

Above all was the 2020 Election results, taking the No. 1 searched spot in only one month.

The runner-up for most searched was the coronavirus.

Aside from the obvious searches for the year, there were others that caught our eye in the weirdest year so far.

The most looked-up definition for a word was W.A.P. after Cardi B’s hit single was released last summer. 

And the question most asked for why, was why were chainsaws invented?

2020 has definitely been an interesting year, and the Google trends showed it. 

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