REVIEW: Music video featuring Vel the Wonder has City College ties

Director Nahla Valdez in a San Diego City College alum

Vel the Wonder

Vel The Wonder poses in a photo shoot for her album cover. Instagram photo

Candise Berry, Multimedia Journalist

CityScene, Spring 2021 coverThis story was featured in the debut edition of CityScene magazine.

The music video for the song, “Got Me Like Me” is different from any other video I have ever seen before.

I was impressed and it’s no wonder that Vel The Wonder has accumulated nearly 36,000 views and over 52,000 subscribers on her song “Got Me Like Me” featuring Zzay), as of press time.

Their lyrics tell a story that many young people can relate to. You can tell as you watch this video that the artists truly mean their lyrics from their heart.

Director Nahla Valdez, a San Diego City College alum, couldn’t have done a better job putting this work of art together.

The video perfectly coincides with the lyrics and the urban theme truly brings this piece to life.

The locations chosen for the video really allows the audience to gain a perspective on what message the artist wants to convey.

This video gives me a new perspective on Mexican culture and the struggles many face at the border.

I think everyone should be educated on the lifestyle of young Mexican families and their culture.

It’s safe to say this music video is meant to appeal to a diverse audience.

People of all ages and walks of life would truly enjoy it.