RADIO: The Knight Life, Ep. 3: Polyamory and polygamy lifestyles, spotlight on local band Los Shadows

Discover a band from National City and the difference between polyamory and polygamy

The Knight Life, Episode 3

Michelle De Nicola and Marlena Harvey

The latest episode of The Knight Life debuted the San Diego Local Spotlight, a new podcast that features musicians and bands in the region. 

In the first episode, host Skylar Eppler sat down with some of the guys from the band Los Shadows at their home in National City.

They discussed the band’s beginnings, how the pandemic affected their music careers and what they would do differently if they could.

“The pandemic makes you question a lot,” said Pepe Gonzalez, a guitarist in the band.

During the pandemic, the musicians had to adapt from playing live shows and finding a new way to create and record music.

The episode also featured Sex and Sexuality. Host Marlena Harvey discussed the meaning and difference between polyamorous and polygamous lifestyles with San Diego City College mental health intern Tristan Hartley. 

Polyamorous relationships are non-monogamous and often involve multiple partners, and are not gender-specific. Polygamous relationships also are non-monogamous and have multiple partners, but usually are for religious purposes and mostly have one singular male with multiple wives. 

Polygamy and polyamory are often mistaken for the other, and their real identity is sometimes not very clear. Harvey and Hartley discussed the different reasons why some choose between these two lifestyles and how to communicate openly and honestly with their partner(s).

“Polyamory literally translates to many loves,” Hartley said. “Polygamy is definitely also ethical non-monogamy, but it is (based) more on religious ideals and functions.”

Hartley also discussed polyamorous hierarchy in relationships, introducing polyamory to a new partner, plus dating apps as a polyamorous individual and introducing these topics into the education system.

Sex and Sexuality not only highlighted the importance of sexual health but also how important mental health is for successful and healthy relationships. 

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