‘Cabaret’ continues through April 29 at the Saville Theatre

The latest Dramatic Arts Department production takes place in Nazi Germany


San Diego City College Dramatic Arts Department graphic announcing production of ‘Cabaret’ running through April 29 at Saville Theater.

Joel Nevarez, Sports Editor

“Cabaret,” the latest production from the San Diego City College Dramatic Arts Department, is showing through April 29 at the Saville Theatre. 

Set in Berlin during the start of Nazi Germany, “Cabaret” is a musical about American novelist Clifford Bradshaw falling in love with cabaret performer Sally Bowles, according to Dramatic Arts Professor Katie Rodda. 

The musical also features a subplot about an elderly woman dealing with the repercussions of falling in love with a Jewish man.

“Even though there’s wonderful music and dancing it takes place in Nazi Germany,” said Rodda, who directs the show. “There’s really no getting around that.”  

Rodda compared the musical to the feelings and fears many Americans are having about the current state of the country. 

“It shows what happens when the country that you grow up in and the country that you feel safe in stops being a safe place,” Rodda said. “I wanted to sort of explore what happens when you don’t recognize your own country anymore.”

Even though the musical deals with sensitive issues in a troubling time period, Rodda said it still offers fun choreography and songs for audience members.

The tone of “Cabaret” is a departure from roles lead actor Jerry Rodriguez is used to, which are more lighthearted and positive. 

Rodriguez plays the role of Cliff Bradshaw. 

“You have to really dig deep to be able to portray a heavy topic,” Rodriguez said. “I feel like it’s an important show, and it has an important story to tell.” 

After the dances and songs are over, Rodriguez hopes the message of “Cabaret” sticks with the audience.

“If we don’t learn from our history, we’re doomed to repeat it,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a brilliant piece of theater, performed by a brilliant group of performers and actors here, so definitely don’t miss a chance to see it.”

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