Fox knocks it out with ‘Pitch’

By Esai Melendez

A new sports drama premiered on Fox by the name of “Pitch” and the setting of the show just so happens to be sunny San Diego.
The show focuses on the first woman to become a pitcher in Major League Baseball. Ginny Baker, played by Kylie Bunbury (“Under the Dome,” “Prom”), pitches for the San Diego Padres, with and against males who doubt that she has the skills to play in professional baseball.
She attempts to overcome the obstacles that women today face, not in only professional sports, but in any kind of professional setting. The show takes an interesting turn, showing actual Major League teams in the fictional story.
The show’s use of flashbacks to portray Baker and her rise to stardom are very effective, giving viewers a detailed look at her relationship with her father, played by Michael Beach, and her journey from Little League until her Major League debut.
While the story is solid, not everything is perfect. Some of the writing feels a bit forced, trying to make the dialogue between characters seem funny, quirky, or overly dramatic; something that will likely be fixed as the actors settle in their roles.
However, Baker and her team captain, Mike Lawson, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar (“Saved by the Bell,” “NYPD Blue”), demonstrate surprising amount of depth and chemistry from the get-go, giving the show a light-hearted touch while retaining some very serious and dramatic undertones. Their relationship is perhaps one of the greatest assets of the show.
San Diego takes a step into the spotlight as viewers see Petco Park in all its glory. Other locations include North Park, downtown San Diego and such local landmarks such as the Coronado Bridge.
City College students were used as extras in the TV pilot
Keep in mind that “Pitch” is not aimed at sports fans. It’s accessible for everyone. It’s worth waiting for once a week, so go ahead and give it a shot, or swing.
“Pitch” airs Thursdays on Fox.
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