Heads will roll in ‘Walking Dead’ premiere


The new season premiere finds the “Walking Dead” characters facing life and death. Photo courtesy of AMC

By Gabe Rivera

Spoiler alert!

A hopeless situation is rapidly approaching this Sunday, Oct. 23.

Rick Grimes and his group of untouchables from the hit show “The Walking Dead” are in a dire situation that sadly cannot be avoided.

It’s not a matter of if but whose head will be on the chopping block in the highly anticipated series premiere.

At the end of last season, Rick’s group was last seen kneeling before one of the most notorious characters from the critically acclaimed graphic novel, Negan. The group is outnumbered and completely hopeless as Negan’s entire group, known as the Saviors, surrounds them.

During the cliffhanger ending for season 6, Negan is seen playing a game of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” where the loser will have his or her head bashed in by Negan’s favorite weapon, Lucille, a bat covered in barbed wire.

As a fan of the show, there is nothing I want more than for the victim to be the cowardly Eugene, or the ginger warrior Abraham, or the Alexandrian Aaron, but the reality is that the victim is going to be a long-time fan favorite.

Since Halloween 2010, people were instantly hooked on this show. Every season, “The Walking Dead” breaks its previous record for most-watched cable TV show premiere and you can’t ever miss it because when you go to school or work the next day you’re worried someone is going to ruin a plot twist.

According to Zap2it.com, “The Walking Dead’s” Season 6 ratings among adults 18-49 were 48 percent higher than the top show on broadcast TV, “Empire.”

So for six years we’ve been hooked to our television sets every Sunday. We’ve gone through the heartbreak of Rick having to kill his best friend, Shane, Rick’s wife dying during labor and their son, Carl, having to be the one to put her down so she wouldn’t turn, or the father-like figure of Hershel having his head sliced off by the evil governor. Viewers are all like one, big happy TV family.

On Sunday, viewers will have to go through the heartbreak of losing one more family member. The show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, warns fans: “Don’t watch it alone. Watch it with your loved ones and have your Kleenex ready.”

Who will it be? You’re going to have to tune in Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC to find out.

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