City College students took center stage at San Diego Film Week


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March 23, 2018

Seven San Diego City College students from the Radio Television and Film Department showcased their films at the San Diego Film Week 2018.


Miguel Espinoza, Sam Hinsvark, Basile Journet, Nathaniel Madlem, Kyle Stocking, and Quyhn Tran, all had their films shown in the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase. While Karla Loperena was featured in the SD Hearts TJ Showcase.


The second annual San Diego Film Week was presented by the San Diego Film Consortium, a 10-day celebration of film in San Diego. This year the festival took place at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park and various venues throughout the city from March 1-11. The festival will conclude at the fifth annual San Diego Film Awards held on April 8.


Quyhn Tran and Miguel Espinoza directed and produced their short animated film “Village Boi,” a short about a young boy who gets in trouble by making friends with the wrong group of kids on his first day of school.

“Village Boi” is a student-produced animated short film which began as a school project and was entered into the San Diego Film Week Festival. Poster by San Diego City College and San Diego Film Week participant Quyhn Tran. Courtesy of Quyhn Tran. 

“Village Boi” began as a class project, they were looking to make deadline on their assignment rather than a festival. Their professor saw festival material in their short and with a little help, their film was in consideration for screening.


“I just found it so funny because we (Miguel and I) hadn’t even began making a list of film festivals to submit our film to,” said Tran. “And right away, Cy (A professor in the RTVF Department) is actively booking a space in a festival for us, it definitely caught me off guard!”


Tran began her career as a filmmaker two years ago when she switched from being an art major to an RTVF student. She discovered that starting her career as an art student has contributed to her filmmaking.


Inspiration comes from her surroundings, “I take inspiration from anything I find interesting, but one thing I know for sure: I aim to instill the philosophies that I find valuable that were taught to me during my time at City College.”


While many filmmakers aim to integrate themselves into Hollywood, Tran’s goal is to expand the film community in San Diego.


“I‘m interested in expanding the community of filmmakers and artists here in San Diego,” said Tran.“I think all the opportunities and resources are available here in San Diego and I’d like to be a part of the narrative that encourages artists to pursue their passion anywhere they want.”


Another City College student that had a film screen in the festival was Kyle Stocking.

Stocking submitted his short film “Pictures of Deceit,” about a newspaper journalist waiting for his opportunity at a front-page spread.


“Pictures of Deceit” is a student produced short film which began as a project in the Motion Film Production class at San Diego City College and premiered at the San Diego Film Week Festival. Poster by San Diego City College and San Diego Film Week participant Kyle Stocking. Courtesy of Kyle Stocking. 

Desperation takes over the journalist which leads to his involvement in a murder to get a story. Stocking’s idea came from a personal experience. He was under pressure, and he had an film assignment due little time and no ideas in mind. He saw a paper and the idea for his film ignited from there.


Stocking’s desire to make film has been within him since childhood. “I started making movies when I was a kid, like 11 or 12. I was making movies before coming to City College,” he said.


He wanted to attend film school to be able to understand the terminology and perfect his craft, and chose City College because of the specified education. He said,“Motion picture production has been one of the top classes where I have gained the most knowledge. It answered all my (film) questions. It helped me with the skills to put film together.”


His ultimate goal is to make it to the film industry in Los Angeles.


“Movie director, ever since I was a kid that’s what I aspired to be. I’m trying to get film everywhere. That’s what I want to be, a Hollywood director all the way. I won’t stop either.”