Works of art on display

Drawing exhibit featuring art from local and outside artists is available throughout February.


Scott Gardinier

“startingLINE” will be the first drawing-only exhibit at City Gallery. By Scott Gardinier/City Times

Scott Gardinier, Staff Writer

Editor’s note: For clarity, the names of Jessica McClendon and Wayne Hulgin were added to the list of featured artists.

San Diego City College’s Fine Arts Department is bringing professional artwork to campus with “startingLINE,” an art exhibition focused on drawing.

During the month of February, guests are invited to City Gallery to view work from artists across the country showcasing their drawing skills.

Coordinating the exhibition is Wayne Hulgin, professor of Fine Arts at City College. Hulgin has been the professor of Fine Arts at City College since 2004.

He’s coordinated many exhibits in the past at the City Gallery that included painting and ceramics. “startingLINE” will be the first drawing-only exhibit.

“(I hope students are able to see) the possibilities of drawing and how important drawing is and what you can do with it as opposed to painting,” Hulgin said.

Hulgin also hopes to inspire City College students by featuring a former student’s artwork. Jessica McClendon, now an instructor, was an art student at City College who turned her passion into a career.

The exhibit features work from Carolyn Lavender, Kelly Martin, Dean Ramos and Catherine Ruane, as well as McClendon and Hulgin.

The exhibit can be viewed Tuesday-Thursday, 1-5 p.m. or by appointment.