City set to share music and poetry for May Day


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The first of May is observed by many as an international worker’s holiday, often coupled with parades and celebrations in several cultures. For City College students, this year’s “May Day” will be an opportunity to listen to music, hear speeches from their peers and interact with student clubs on campus.


Members of the Associated Students Government (ASG), led by senator Ricky Flahive and senate president Jose Malo, will host the May Day City Jam. The entertainment will include two bands, two hip-hop artists, and Phi Theta Kappa is even sending a DJ.


But the day’s events don’t begin and end with music. Flahive plans to run an open-mic setup with current ASG vice-president Michael Roderick and the vice-president elect, Katie Joy Lonthair acting as emcees and facilitating discussion.


“I’m just trying to foster some participation in democracy,” stated Flahive. “Getting people’s voice heard. Everybody’s got a story to tell. People have art that they want to express. Why not give them an open forum to do so?”


Flahive also intends to pass around a survey to poll students on General Assembly Resolutions. He and eight others will travel to the annual Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) conference in Los Angeles the next day, to vote on state legislation.


The SSCCC is an advocacy group that fights for the rights of community college students in California. “May Day is the perfect place to inform the students on the opportunity involvement in ASG brings,” explained Flahive.


The City College Inter-club Council is pitching in to make this their May Club Rush – an important event as the clubs try to save momentum going into the summer session.


Flahive intends to keep the door wide open for anyone who wants to table during the event.


“All clubs are encouraged to bring vendors or display anything they want, regardless of its relevance to May Day,” added Flahive.


But all in all, the event will be motivated by philosophy and an exchange of ideas among peers.


“May Day is based on international solidarity within the working class,” expressed Roderick. “I hope to raise awareness about ways to get involved to learn about and work towards improving those situations, right here at City College and in San Diego.”


The event will be in the Gorton Quad from noon to 2 p.m., and it’s supposed to be 85 degrees and sunny.


On the mic will be provocative rapper, Crisis Insane, and dub-step backed hip-hop artist, Maurice Delgado.

Flahive’s elementary school buddies, Daybreak, feature a heavy J-pop and hip-hop sound, and Azure Blue will bring an alternative, classic-rock style to the stage. They performed at the City College Talent Show in March.

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Official promotional materials