City Bites: Moody’s food trucks

Mike Madriaga

Since the cafeteria closed, Moody’s Food Trucks has become the main food vendor at City. Moody’s Food Trucks started off in 1926 selling cold sandwiches in downtown San Diego. They later evolved into a sophisticated fleet of food trucks that claims to be San Diego’s finest mobile catering service.

We tried them out to see if it’s true.

There are two trucks parked in the quad between the BT and AH buildings, a general truck which is there Monday through Thursday, 7 A.M. to 7 P.M., and specialty trucks that rotate Monday through Thursday 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. Specialty trucks serve pizza, sliders, seafood, tortas, wings, and fresh and healthy foods.

The items are reasonably priced, and they offer cheaper and smaller options for people on a budget. At the general truck, you can get a regular taco for $2.50, or a smaller one for $1.25.

They also offer other meals like a breakfast bowl with sausage and hash brown for $3.99, or burritos that range between $4 to $6. Beverages and small desserts range between $1 to $3.

There are some healthier options as well such as parfait cups and watermelon bowls for about $4.The food items at the pizza specialty truck range between $5 to $8.

We tried a watermelon bowl, $3.50, and a tostada ,$3.50, from the general truck.

The watermelon was very fresh. You can eat it alone or complement it with condiments such as tajin, chamoy, salt, and lemon. The tostada is offered with shredded chicken or beef. We tried the chicken and it was very light and crispy.

If you enjoy bland foods, it is a good option, but if you like more flavor, you can spice it up adding condiments from the condiment bar. Check the dishes we tried and take a quick look at the food truck, scan the QR code below and watch our food review.