Save money, go to the movies in Tijuana

Melissa De Pineres

With a handful of blockbusters about to hit the screen towards the end of the year and with holiday expenses right around the corner, there’s not much extra cash for college students.

“Star Wars: Rogue One,” “Assassin’s Creed,” “Collateral Beauty” and “Power Rangers” are among the films premiering in December.

Going to movies may not be that affordable for college students, yet there is an alternative for enjoying your favorite films. But it might require a quick trip out the country, to Tijuana.

As Mexico’s peso continues to decline, the U.S. dollar goes further and uarther. The rate currently is 20.80 pesos per dollar.

The movie experience in Tijuana does not differ all that much from San Diego — except in spending.

  • Most movies premiere in Tijuana before the U.S.: The manager of the AMC Mission Valley confirmed that “Doctor Strange” premiered on Nov. 3. Cinepolis in Tijuana premiered the movie on Oct. 29.
  • Big-time savings: When changed to pesos, a movie ticket in Tijuana can average between $2 and $4. In the U.S. it can be $14.
  • Comforts of home: In all Cinepolis Theaters there are general admission theaters but also a popular alternative: VIP theaters that include couch seats, full bar and food served at your seat. This service is only located in two San Diego Theaters, in Del Mar and Chula Vista.
  • More than a movie ticket: Cinepolis movie theaters ask if you want to give a small donation to help cataract patients. The chain has supported a foundation that has helped these patients for about 10 years, something they are proud of.
  • Movie diversity: Cinepolis offers a diverse selection of Hollywood movies, Mexican films and other international movies, such as “Ernest et Celestine,” a french movie premiered in Cinepolis in 2015.

A great movie experience and a happier wallet can be had just a few miles away, across the U.S. border. Try it.