Should City College have gender neutral bathrooms available on campus?

Andrea Morn

No, because just because you can’t identify with your own sex that doesn’t mean that somebody else should have to pay for your confusion. You are what you are.

-Julian Boe, 20, Political Science


Yes, because not everyone conforms to the gender binary and I think they should be accommodated.

-Miranda Rivera, 23, Child Development


Yes. It creates a safe place where people who just want to use the restroom will be able to pee in peace without any fear of judgement from their peers.

Meerji, 19, English


Absolutely. It’s like a safety issue. We want them to feel safe so they would have a safe place to go.

-Carly Stacey, 19, Theatre


Yeah, sure. I don’t think it would harm anything and I think it only has positive implications. It’s definitely something that should happen.

-Gabriel Snydur, 18, Undecided


I think they, transgender people, should be able to pick whatever bathroom they want to choose. In my opinion I don’t think it’s necessary. I think it would have them feel like that they are being separated from the regular bathrooms — women’s and men’s bathrooms.

-Andrew Sanchez, 28, Chicano Studies