City College brings club ‘out of the closet’


Courtesy of Susy Molina

ASG President, Susy Molina (middle) with club members holding poster promoting on National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11, 2017.

Maria-Camila Murcia, News Editor

After four years without an LGBTQ club, San Diego City College has a newly minted group for its queer-identified students. “All Out at City” will be the new LGBTQ club on campus, started by ASG Senate President, Susy Molina, with the help from Faculty Advisor and Chemistry Professor, Shane Haggard.

“The club has actually been around since I was a student here at City in 2001-03,” said Haggard. The club was active over the years, but eventually ended due to lack of a full-time faculty advisor. Professor Haggard was an adjunct when he first became the advisor for the club. “Things changed and adjunct faculty could no longer be club advisors,” he explained. “Without an advisor, the club had trouble staying together since it was not an official club any longer and a lot of the student leadership moved on.” Now that Haggard is full time, he says he would love to see the club up and running again.  

Courtesy of Susy Molina

Courtesy of Susy Molina
Students from the LGBTQ creates a sign promoting coming out through LGBTQ club on campus on Oct. 11, 2017

Molina took the chance on Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, and asked the World Cultures Program about being part of the workshops being held that day. “My main goal for that event was to get students to sign up for the club and a lot of students did,” says Molina. She gathered about two pages of members to submit to the Dean of Students and the Inter Club Council (ICC).

Even though the deadline for submissions for new clubs was back on Sept. 29, Molina was able to find a way to reopen the submission to open this new club with the support from Dean of Students and ICC. “We saw that this was a very big need, they decided to open up the deadline for the club.”  Molina added, “I am pretty excited for the club to start and open up this semester so they can start voicing their opinions.”

‘All Out of City’ will begin later this fall semester. Students who are interested in joining the “All Out at City,” should go to the M-201A on Fridays where you can speak with ICC President, Javier Valle, every friday at 9:30 a.m. in the Associated Students Government Center. You can also email to Professor Shane Haggard at [email protected] for more information.