Halloween on a budget: Creative costuming from your closet


Paige Forrester

Different additional accessories you find at a general store.

Paige Forrester, Staff Writer

Part of the fun of Halloween is the excuse to dress up and join in all of the “spooktacular” events going on in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, Halloween can get pricey. According to Fortune Magazine, the average American spends up to $74 on Halloween and often costumes bought in stores don’t fit quite right or are itchy and uncomfortable.

Thankfully, there are many simple and cheap ways to create your own original Halloween costume using simple items bought from drugstores and things found in your own closet (or even from old classes).

Mad Scientist: This costume really only works if you or a friend have taken a Chem class and have the lab coat and goggles leftover. Simply throw the coat on over a plain shirt and some pants, tease out your hair into a giant messy glob and you’re ready to take on the night!

Paige Forrester
One idea for a do-it-yourself Halloween costume is a mad scientist. All you need is a lab coat, goggles and crazy hair.

Bank Robber (or a Mime): For this costume you will need black pants, a plain cloth (any color will do) with two holes cut out of it for your eyes, a black and white striped shirt and a plain pillowcase (or canvas bag) with a $$$ written on it. If you want to go for a Mime look, apply black and white face paint (found in any drugstore for $3 and up) to your face and just wear all black or black pants and a black and white shirt.

Witch: To be a witch, you really just need the hat! Hats can range in price from about $2.99 and up, so you can always pair the hat with a black dress in any style you prefer. To dress up your witch look without breaking the bank get creative with face makeup — add a cobweb with a spider dangling down your cheek at the end of your eyeliner!

Because the costumes are easy to assemble, affordable, and original, you can relax and enjoy the season’s festivities.


Happy Halloween!