City College clubs reach out to students at Club Rush

After two previous attempts, Club Rush finally happened in the MS quad.


Jonny Rico

The MS quad hosted Club Rush where campus organizations and clubs reached out to students. By Jonny Rico/City Times

City Times Staff

San Diego City College officials finally got good weather on Thursday for the third attempt at Club Rush.

There were 11 clubs taking part in the event this year, including UMOJA, Nursing Student Association and Puente.

The event was originally scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 14, but bad weather forced a one-week delay. The Feb. 21 date was also forced to be pushed back due to rainy conditions.

Club Rush is meant to promote the many services available to students on campus and increase memberships within the clubs on campus.

12:57 p.m. By Scott Gardinier

Daija Jones at UMOJA table
Daija Jones greets students at the UMOJA table at Club Rush. By Scott Gardinier/City Times

UMOJA offers assistance with a variety of services including mentoring, community service, counseling, and access to UMOJA scholarships.

UMOJA (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a community and critical resource dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African-American and other students, according to the San Diego City College website.

Member Daija Jones said UMOJA was created to serve African-American students, but all are welcome to join and participate in their mission to improve their community.

Meetings are every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in room A-341.

For its next event, it will be having a double-feature film followed by a discussion this Friday, March 8, at 4 p.m. in MS-162.

For more information on the event, visit:

For more information on UMOJA, you can send an email at [email protected].

Nursing Student Association
12:36 p.m. By Uyen Pham

The Nursing Student Association is an organization open to any student who is interested in the nursing program or is currently pursuing a career in healthcare. The association informs students about the general objectives of the program, the prerequisites and classes to attend.

The association hopes students can understand what it means to be a nursing major and the background behind it, offering assistance to students with applications and policies.

Nursing program host general information workshops on one Wednesday of every month from 9-11 a.m. in V-101 in the Career Technology Center building.

12:34 p.m. By Elisabeth Vermeulen

Puente is doing a drawing this month for a chance to win Beats headphones. By Elisabeth Vermeulen -City Times

Puente, meaning “bridge”, is an organization that assists educationally disadvantaged students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges, universities and earn a degree. It allows students to succeed their academic goals quicker by offering counseling that will develop education, transfer and career plans, and are also matched with mentors on campus. Additionally, Puente students are required to take three consecutive courses, English Basic Skills, College Level, and Transfer level/Honors English, according to their handout. They provide experiences and offer students a window to the real world work environment.

According to Nicolas Ruvalcaba, ICC for Puente, the student is on one side, reaching to the University is the other, and their organization is the bridge to helping students get there. “It is more of a community than it is a club,” says Ruvalcaba. “We are trying to recruit more people.”

Puente is opened to all City students. No requirements necessary, according to Ruvalcaba. To register, visit their website: Email: [email protected]

SDCC Film Club
11:37 a.m. By David Ahumada

The San Diego City College film club is open to all students that are interested in film making on campus. Member Elyssa Tuscano said, “the film club allows student filmmakers to network, present and watch films.” They meet in C-205 on Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“We want to promote student films on campus and we’ll allow them to send in their work directly,” said Chris Isidoro Vice President of the film club. “We also want students to have an experience where they can view exclusive and original works.”

Isidoro said, “The film club is just a way to network with aspiring filmmakers, learn the basics of film or maybe they event want to act in film, it encompasses all of that.”