Eyelash extension program comes to City College

The cosmetology department added the new program this month.


Elisabeth Vermeulen

A 12-week eyelash extension program opened up at City College. By Elisabeth Vermeulen/City Times

Uyen Pham and Elisabeth Vermeulen

Eyelash extensions have arrived to San Diego City College.

The 12-week program kicked off April 2. 

“Our esthetics program, which is 600 hours, covers skin care, hair removal, and makeup,” said Sudie Phillips, chair of the cosmetology department. “After their 600 hours, (students) go to state board to get their license.”

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and the popularity of eyelash extensions has skyrocketed.

Eyelash treatments are growing tremendously, increasing 32% in dollars from 2017 to 2018, according to a study by The Nielsen Company.

“We’ve found out that eyelash extensions is big money making for our esthetic students,” Phillips said. “Since we didn’t have it, they had to go and pay $2,000 to $3,000 for two days.” 

Elisabeth Vermeulen
Customers can get eyelash extensions for as low as $40. By Elisabeth Vermeulen/City Times

According to Phillips, two days isn’t enough time for students to practice and get their hands-on training. 

Lashes Affair, a well-known lash brand created by Jenelle Paris, is provided for students to purchase as part of their training for $350. 

Phillips said students also had the opportunity to get trained by Jenelle Paris herself during class. 

“Then what happens is after their training, we are going to put lash extensions on our menu (of services offered on campus),” Phillips said.

The cost isn’t only efficient for students, but also customers and clients. Customers can get eyelash extensions applied, with multiple lash styles, for as low as $40, rather than spending over hundreds of dollars elsewhere.

“No. 1, students’ hands-on (experience) goes up,” Philips said. “No. 2, our income revenue for client services goes out. No. 3, (it) gives the public the opportunity to get a good service at a very low price.”

Nicole Morello, an eyelash extension professional, recently quit her job at a salon to work as an instructor for the program.

One of her clients, who works in the dean’s office, had offered her a position in the eyelash extension program when it first came to the school. Morello said yes and started working as an instructor after receiving her associate degree. 

“It sort of happened to me,” said Morello of becoming a teacher. 

Morello was excited when the opening of eyelash extension program was announced and she tried to do her best to provide students the best and most affordable products to work with.

“I was kind of pushing the department chair to bring the program to City, so I started working with a couple different companies to see who would work the best for our school,” said Morello, which led to the collaboration with Lashes Affair.

The program’s work can be seen in its Instagram account, @the_estie_bestie.