Week of Service comes to Downtown San Diego

Volunteering at Father Joe’s Village was one of five opportunities extended to City College Students this week.


Lacey Stefano

San Diego City College Students volunteer at Father Joe’s Village during Week of Service. Photo by Lacey Stefano

Lacey Stefano, Staff Writer

City College Week of Service participants volunteered at Father Joe’s Villages on Thursday to help feed homeless people in need.

Jacob Chacon, a Week of Service volunteer, had his hands full with plating food for the steady demand.

“We’re helping serve meals and help throughout the kitchen,” Chacon said. “I signed up because I feel like we need to give back to the community. It’s a very humbling experience.”

The event was led by Mathematics professor Dr. Rob Rubalcaba with a team of Umoja club members and other City College students.

“Homelessness is a real serious issue on all community college campuses, including ours,” Rubalcaba said. “It was just a really amazing experience for me and for them to really just give back to the community.”

According to the San Diego Community College District, 21% of City College students do not have a stable place to live.

“I’ve had students that were homeless, even in this shelter. To watch them thrive even despite all of the obstacles that they have is amazing,” Rubalcaba said. “It’s an honor to be here tonight and to serve and to welcome other City College students as well.”

The cafeteria had a line out the door as people waited for a meal, served by eager volunteers. 

“It’s more than just about serving food. It’s about serving dignity. It’s about welcomeness and just open arms,” Rubalcaba said. 

The group of volunteers were busy serving food, passing out plates and helping disabled attendees. The assembly line setup helped the crew get through the long line efficiently, having plates ready to go as people came to get them.

Students looking to volunteer in the future can visit the student affairs office for information about volunteer opportunities. 

San Diego City College students facing homelessness can visit the EOPS office to gain information about financial aid opportunities, referrals to shelters, access to shower facilities and more.

In the words of Rubalcaba, “They’re welcome to have their home be at City College.”

For more information from SDCCD about student homelessness click here.

Studetns pose with Dr. Rob Rubalcaba for a photo during Week of Service.
Lacey Stefano
Dr. Rob Rubalcaba (bottom right) stops for a photo with student volunteers at Father Joe’s Village during Week of Service. Photo by Lacey Stefano




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