City Times names pair Editors-in-Chief

Responsibilities include editing stories and controlling the flow of content on the award-winning website


Elisabeth Vermeulen

Vicky Pineda (left) and Diangela Veras have been named the Editors-in-Chief for the spring semester. Photo by Elisabeth Vermeulen /City Times

Lacey Stefano, Assistant Sports Editor

City Times is excited to welcome two new Editors-in-Chief, Vicky Pineda and Diangela Veras, for the spring semester. The pair was selected to head City Times for their work ethic and dedication to the program. 

The Editor-in-Chief position is highly sought after. The responsibilities of Pineda and Veras will include editing stories, approving layouts and controlling the flow of content on the award-winning website. 

Pineda is a Digital Journalism major who has been attending City College periodically for the past six years. After transferring, she intends to be a sports journalist. 

Initially, Pineda was part of the Radio, Television and Film program. Three semesters ago, she decided to work with the City Times, and has since held other titles within the program. Most recently, she served as sports editor. 

Pineda looks forward to the opportunity to serve as Co-Editor-in-Chief, and sees it as a way to expand her knowledge of the newsroom. 

“I’m looking forward to teaching and helping the new (DJRN) 210 students learn, and to help this program grow,” Pineda said. 

Veras obtained an associate degree from City College in English in 2019, but stayed on to continue gaining experience in journalism. 

Previously, she held the position of Managing Editor and art director, leading in the layout and design of both the print edition of the newspaper and Legend magazine.

Last year, Veras won first place at the San Diego Press Club Awards in layout design for her work on the City Times. In the future, she hopes to have a career in the same field. 

“At first when (Professor Nicole) Vargas offered it to me, I saw it as a good opportunity to move up,” Veras said. “It’s a really good position to be in. Since it’s my last semester, I really wanted to leave on a good note.”

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Sonny Garibay has moved to Editor-at-Large and directing the City Times’ podcasting efforts. Former News Editor Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle will step in as managing editor.