City College writers reclaim their stories

PATH coordinated with San Diego City Works Press fo the Reclaiming the Humanities Speakers Series event


Professor Manuel Lopez introducing three of the published writers in Reclaiming Our Stories 2. Photo By Gabriel Schneider/City Times

Gabriel Schneider, Staff Writer

Students and faculty eagerly filled the room to hear three writers voice their stories from the book, Reclaiming Our Stories 2 on Tuesday, March 10.

The book shares narratives of complex issues including race, class, mental and physical health, family, and rising above adversity.

The event was held by Preparing Accomplished Transfers to the Humanities, also known as PATH. It is a partnership grant that links San Diego Community College District with UC San Diego.

“The purpose of the grant is to encourage more students to major in humanities,” said Kelly Mayhew, a professor and faculty coordinator. “Students who are majoring in Humanities have a 70% acceptance rate (when applying) to UCSD.”

The three readers were Graciela Uriarte, Dj Kuttin Kandi and David Grant.

“It’s scary at first to write it because you are revisiting things,” Uriarte said. “(When written,) it feels like you let go a piece of it, one less burden to carry.”

Applause and cheers came from the audience after each person read their story. 

“It’s powerful stuff,” student Franco Vargas said.“You read about it, but listening to the person talk about it is just so different. It gives you hope.”

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