5 objects to sanitize to keep COVID-19 away

Your regularly touched items pose high risks for exposure and should be sanitized … often

Holding a phone

Lacey Stefano, Social Media Editor

With the ever present danger of COVID-19, many people are taking preventative measures to limit their chances of catching it.

Here are five objects you should sanitize to help prevent exposure. Only use sanitizers that have been approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Wondering which sanitizers to use? The EPA has a list on its website here.

  1. Phones

Your cellphone is a regularly touched item that spends a lot of time near your face, and most likely does not get sanitized very often. Think about taking some time to sanitize the screen and replace your case.


  1. Car keys

Now might be the time to get rid of all the extra keys on your key ring that you have been holding onto for a while. Declutter your key ring and sanitize the keys that are left.

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  1. Steering wheels

Your steering wheel is another regularly touched item which most likely does not get sanitized very often. It may get wiped down when you wash your car, but make sure it’s with CDC-approved sanitizer. While you are there, wipe down your gear shifter, too. 

  1. Glasses

We think to clean the lenses of our glasses, but mostly for vision purposes. Since glasses live near your eyes and nose, it is important to sanitize all parts of the frame. This goes for eyeglasses, sunglasses and, if you do not wear either of those, contact lens cases. 

Link: How to clean eyeglasses, WikiHow

  1. Cash 

Likely, you will not be able to sanitize this one (or ones and fives), but be wary when handling paper and coin money in general, not just during this pandemic. Try to limit your interaction with cash by using cards, but when you must, wash your hand immediately, especially if eating or touching food.

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For more information and recommendation on cleaning and sanitizing visit the CDC website here.

What are you sanitizing around your house while you’re home? Share your experience with us. Email [email protected] or comment below.