City College students are reminded to register to vote

Today is National Voter Registration Day

Google front page on Sept. 22

Even Google is in on reminding visitors to its site to register to vote for Nov. 3 election. Google screenshot

Rachel de la Torre, Staff Writer

With the 2020 Election coming in less than two months, students should check their registration status or register to vote prior to the upcoming election on Nov. 3. 

National Voter Registration Day is a nonpartisan civic holiday that encourages citizens of the United States to register to vote on the fourth Tuesday of September. This year, the that fourth Tuesday happens to be on Sept. 22. 

You will be able to check your voter registration status, registration deadlines in the state that you are a resident of, voting times and locations, and also if you are eligible to vote here.

On the National Voter Registration Day website, you can find resources for anything you have any questions or concerns about, including how to be safe from COVID-19 if you decide to organize your own voter registration event.

 The last day to register to vote by mail in California is Oct. 19. If you’re not a resident of California, you can find the last day that you can register to vote here.