City College hosts first virtual Student Resources Fair

Programs, departments at City College want students to succeed

Welcome Week 2020

In the past, Welcome Week (pictured at the start of the spring 2020 term) included tents at key locations on campus to guide students. San Diego City College photo

Vicky Pineda, Editor-in-Chief

As the fall semester enters its sixth week, many new students at San Diego City College are not aware of all the resources offered.

City College hosted its first virtual Student Services Fair over two days, most recently Sept. 22. It follows the virtual Welcome Week that was hosted at the beginning of the fall semester. 

Lori Oldham, the Student Affairs coordinator, hosted Thursday’s event and spotlighted many programs and departments that want to help students succeed. 

“San Diego City College, we want you here,” said Oldham during the end of the Student Resources Fair. “We want to help to support your success here at San Diego City College, and we are here for you.” 

The department representatives featured had a couple of minutes to share about their programs. They also shared their contact information for students to reach out.  

“With services such as Counseling and Financial Aid available on hand, you will learn where to go to get the answers you need,” said an email that was sent to students. “From affinity programs like Umoja, Puente and City Women Rock, to academic support programs including DSPS, EOPS and CalWORKs, we offer many opportunities to help you excel at City.”

If you missed both events, you can check out City College’s YouTube channel here

Below are the timestamps for the department’s presentation from the Sept. 17 event: 

1:00 – Admissions and Records, Dora Meza    

3:00 – ASG, Lori Oldham

5:15 – Athletics Department, Aaron Detty

7:46 – Bookstore, Dede Porter

10:57- CIty Scholars Program, Andre Jones

14:28 – Counseling, Georgina Garcia

20:30 – DSPS, Darwin Browne

24:00 – Evaluation and Assessment, Georgina Garcia

26:03 – English Center, Chris Baron

30:00 – EOPS, Terri Jackson

32:00 – NextUp, Ashley Burch

33:19 – CALWORKS, Yanira Rodriguez

38:55 – Financial Aid, Trusty Xiong

42:49 – FYS Peer Mentor Lab, Edwidge Dupard

46:36 – Math Center, Kate Woodwrad

52:20- Outreach program – Mirna Sabri

54:50 – PATH, Niyatt Mengis

59:47- Promise program, Brenda Torres and Miguel Galindo

1:04:30 – Scholarships, Sylvia Ramirez

1:09:46 – Student Affairs, Marian Rodriguez

1:11:43 –  Student Health Clinic, Dotti Cordell

1:16:19 – Mental Health Center, Abby Weisman

1:21:10 –  SUBIR!, Adan Sanchez

1:26:15 – Umoja, Erin Charlens

1:29:46 – Tutorial Learning Center, Charlene Jones

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting people’s lives, this semester looks and feels a lot different. 

“In the past it was to meet the students, help them to navigate on campus, tell them where their classes are, give them flyers of different programs,” Oldham said during an interview early the semester. 

Welcome Week, as well as the Student Resources Fair, online was a different way to reach out to students and inform them of the different resources and clubs that City College has to offer from the comfort of their homes. 

“We want you here at City,” Oldham said. “City is special. City is a place where your dreams really can come true and every single person that was part of the Welcome Week represented (and) demonstrated that.” 

Once COVID-19 passes and campus reopens, Oldham hopes to continue these events and include both staff and faculty so students can feel connected with the campus.  

“By choosing City they chose a home, they chose a place where people care about them and their success,” Oldham said.