5 tips for coping with election-related stress, anxiety

Suggestions came from this week’s ASG Post-Election Forum

coping with stress

5 tips to cope with post-election. Canva graphic

Vicky Pineda, Editor-in-Chief

The San Diego City College Associated Student Government with City College President Ricky Shabazz hosted a post-election forum, in which they shared tips and resources on how to cope with stress during this time. 

Shabazz encourages all of the City College faculty to be flexible and supportive of the students who may be experiencing varying levels of trauma. 

“Trauma not related to this election, but also due to Covid,” Shabazz said. “I urge everyone to practice self-care always, but certainly in these coming days.”

The panel also included Mental Health counselors from City College discussing the importance to focus on your self-care during this time.

“It’s highly important to take care of ourselves at this time,” said mental health counselor Jelena Bodinet. “This time, this particular election is particularly stressful and if you are feeling on edge, if you are feeling extra stress notice that other folks around you are as well.”

Here are some tips students and faculty at City College can use.

Focus on your self-care

If you already have a self-care routine that you are using, pay attention to any changes.

Also, keep a sleeping routine and maintain your regular schedule of activities.

Eat healthy

If you are eating healthy, really pay attention to not slip up right now.

Drink water instead of drinking alcohol and partying.

Move your body

If you are not engaged in some mindful actions, go outside, take a walk or maybe exercise a little bit every day. Exercises like yoga, running or weights help release stress.

Take a break from the news

Make time to unwind, and do something that you enjoy, like painting, watching a movie, going for a long social distancing walk with friends or going to the beach. 

Connect safely with others

Maintain social connections by checking in with folks that you trust like family, friends and classmates.

For more information about mental health services on campus, click here.