VIDEO: #CityCookingChallenge made America’s favorite dessert apple pie

Today’s #CityCookingChallenge includes apple pie, America’s favorite dessert


Jesus Lopez used apples from Hunger Action Day to make homemade apple pie. Picture of the apple pie by Jesus Lopez

Jesus Lopez, Multimedia Journalist

City Times reporter Jesus Lopez is back with #CityCookingChallenge at San Diego City College Hunger Action Day. Using  food  donated by Feeding San Diego,  this week #CityCookingChallenge got inspired by America’s favorite dessert apple pie. 

Gala red apples are especially great for baking a succulent apple pie. Using ingredients already on hand,  such as butter, he said, “we were able to add richness to the pie.”

An optional side to top it off is vanilla ice cream. 

Looking for a recipe to follow for your own #CityCookingChallenge? City Times staff shared three ways to prepare your own homemade apple pie. Make sure to share your dish on social media with the hashtag #CityCookingChallenge.

Apple pie filling
Apple pie recipe
Easy pie recipe


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News Editor Katia Pechenkina and Multimedia Journalist Kathryn Gray contributed to this report.