San Diego Community College District helps students find the right PATH

The Careers in the Arts and Humanities panelists share their stories and experiences throughout their academic lives

PATH Program

PATH helps students preparing for transfer to the Humanities. SDCCD YouTube screenshot

Laura Montano, Multimedia Journalist

The San Diego Community College District’s ‘‘Preparing Accomplished Transfers to the Humanities,’’ or PATH, program held a panel on April 14, which featured people who majored in the Arts and Humanities sharing their experiences in the industry.

PATH is a collaborative program between SDCCD and UC San Diego, which guides transfer students on their way to Arts and Humanities majors.

During the event, different professionals in the field shared their thoughts and personal experiences when choosing their careers. They motivated students to continue with their major of choice and debunked some of the myths involving the industry and job opportunities.

‘‘How do I change the world and make enough money to survive,’’ Jeff Karahamuheto, City College graduate and leader for the San Diego Organizing Project, asked himself.

He found the answer focusing on humanities.

‘‘I am fortunate to have a job that I genuinely love, and I get paid decently for it and I really do owe it to my education,’’ Karahamuheto said.

The different panelists wanted to show students they can be successful doing what they love in a world where Arts and Humanities majors are not seen as essential.

‘‘I am very happy to be a humanities spokesperson,’’ said Malika Marson, co-director of policy at Climate Action Campaign and chair of San Diego Green New Deal Alliance. ‘‘I see undergrad and college as this foundation, not as your career, but how do you see the world? How do you want to interpret the world? What are your values?’’

Marson also shared how she initially thought Art wasn’t something practical, but it gave her the foundation to go through the world and be creative.  

Kelly Mayhew, PATH’s faculty coordinator and English professor, encouraged students to ‘‘follow their bliss and to go with what they love.’’ 

‘‘The chips will fall where they may, and you will be able to make something out of that,’’ she said. 

According to its website, PATH offers five programmatic areas: A Summer Academy, Student Outreach, Recruitment and Retention, Faculty Connections, Student Enrichment and Digital Commons.

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Students interested in more information can also email Kelly Mayhew at [email protected]