City College club life struggles to adapt, continues to recruit

Registration window for student clubs and organizations is still open

City College Block Party 2018

Before the pandemic, City College clubs and organizations recruited at events like Block Party, pictured here in 2018. File photo

Will Mauriz, Sports Editor

Students actively enrolled in at least one class at San Diego City College still have the opportunity to establish or reactivate a City club or organization, despite the deadline having passed on Sept. 30.

Traditionally clubs and organizations offer ways for students to get involved in their local community and on campus. However, as of Oct. 6, registrations and reactivations for clubs and organizations for this fall semester have been down, according to student services assistant Marian Rodriguez.

“Clubs and organizations that register during fall do not have to renew until next fall 2022,” Rodriguez said.

Clubs that have re-enrolled include the Music Club, the Active Minds club, and the City College chapter of the California Nursing Students Association.

Student organizations have had to transition to completely virtual for the most part in the face of the Covid-19 protocols.

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is a student leader forum, which has transitioned completely to virtual and helps clubs collaborate and strengthen their efforts despite campus restrictions.

Virtual clubs and organizations still have access to fundraising and the ability to request additional funds.

To register your club, you will need to fill out a Club Recognition Packet

“The registered clubs need only six members and the charter club needs ten members,” Rodriguez said.

Accessing additional resources for starting a club and knowing how to operate one can be found in Board Policy 3200 and the Procedures And Operating Guidelines.

For more information on how to start or join a club or organization, attend the next club virtual office hour via Zoom on Oct. 11 or email Rodriguez at [email protected].