VIDEO: #CityCookingChallenge serves up crunchy and sweet pear cobbler for Valentine’s Day

Host Susana Serrano turns her Hunger Action goods into a bakery-worthy dessert

A dessert crumble made with pears and oatmeal sits on a cream colored eating plate

Pear crumble, prepared by Susana Serrano for the Valentine’s Day edition of #CityCookingChallenge, cools on a plate after being freshly removed from the oven. Photo by Susana Serrano/City Times Media

Kathryn Gray, Multimedia Journalist

It’s February 14, a day loved by some and loathed by others, and last-minute romantics everywhere are searching for easy ways to show their love. 

This year Susana Serrano of #citycookingchallenge has them covered.  

This week Serrano shows how any romantic can make a fast and delicious Valentine’s Day dish on a budget. 


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With canned pears received at Hunger Action Day, ingredients from prior Hunger Action Day hauls such as flour and oatmeal plus a few items from her pantry, Serrano made a sweet pear crumble.

The crumble, which can be made in about 40 minutes, is best served warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, according to Serrano.

For those who aren’t into sweets, City Times Media staff has more suggestions for you.

“For those of us who are single, maybe just a simple phone call or text to close friends to show them how much we appreciate them in our lives.”

Kathy Archibald, Multimedia Journalist

“Cooking a favorite meal is thoughtful to me and universal to anyone, regardless of relationship. Sit down and watch Netflix afterward or go for a walk. This is not only thoughtful but extremely economical and doesn’t break the bank if you’re on a thin budget.”

V. Ortiz Jr.,  Multimedia Journalist

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