BREAKING: City College approved for student housing planning grant

Though hopes were set for a building grant, City will have to settle on planning first


The lot of the former child development center will be the site of the new student housing complex if the SB-169 funding request is granted. @DrRickyShabazz on Twitter screenshot

Philip Salata, Multimedia Journalist

After submitting a grant request for Senate Bill 169 funding, called the Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program, San Diego City College has been approved — partially.

Though City’s proposal was trying for state funding to begin building immediately, instead it received a grant to help finance preliminary planning.

In a press release issued on March 8, it was announced that City was one of 75 community colleges to receive the grant.

City is slated to receive $344,000 to finance the planning phase of affordable student housing construction, to be built on the former site of the child development center located at B and 16th streets.

According to the release, the plans propose a 186,000 square foot, 613-bed facility.

“The planning grant is a step in the right direction in examining and studying how our campus can provide housing to those who are experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness,” City Vice President of Administrative Services John Parker said in the statement.

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