City College radio station set to go live March 14

City Times Sound will transform 88.3 HD-2 into San Diego’s only local music radio station


San Diego City College’s Curran Plaza, which extends over B Street, lies at the entrance to the campus radio station in the L building. Students hope to return to the station studio to periodically broadcast live this semester. Photo by Jakob McWhinney/City Times Media

The time has come for City Times Sound to hit play on its spring semester programming.

Monday, March 14 at 5 p.m listeners can dial into KSDS 88.3 HD-2 FM, or access the stream online, for a new world of sound brought to you by a dedicated team of student curators.

HD-2 brings you all things San Diego/Tijuana, and its mission is to create a home for local sound artists of all genres.

From student DJs airing local tunes to podcasts produced by the CTS team, HD-2 celebrates the eclectic, diverse, and far-reaching communities of the region – both past, and present.

Check out the schedule for this week and tune in.

If you miss the 5 p.m. broadcast, don’t fret, programs will be rebroadcasted at 9 p.m.

Monday, 3/14 at 5 & 9 p.m. – Knight Life

The Knight Life is a block of student-produced podcast content. This installment features some highlights from the fall 2021 semester, including episodes of the call-in show “The Listening Machine,” and the musical interview show “San Diego Local Spotlight.”

The Listening Machine: In this episode from season 1, which focused on San Diegans’ experiences living through the COVID-19 pandemic, we hear from a grandmother about the struggles of reintegrating into society after so many months spent isolating. We also hear from an essential worker who didn’t have the luxury of isolation.

San Diego Local Spotlight: Skylar Eppler, host of SDLS, heads down to National City to talk with members of Los Shadows about the band’s start and how, despite their promising trajectory, it all came screeching to a halt duringthe pandemic. The band also discusses the challenge of navigating an evolving social scene.

Tuesday, 3/15  at 5 & 9 p.m. – Mood Ring, Ep.1 

Bring on the indie rock (or pop), the post-punk, the -waves the -gazes, and whatever new nonsense suffixes the fever dream hive brain of the internet coughs up in the coming years. Jakob McWhinney, host of Mood Ring, digs up great local music that has some sugar, and some edge, and serves it shaken, with the goal of keeping listeners asking themselves “wait…this artist is from San Diego??”

For fans of indie rock/pop, post-punk. 

Wednesday, 3/16 at 5 & 9 p.m. – Newscene Radio

Newscene is a national award-winning, weekly broadcast news show produced, directed and presented by Radio, Television & Film students at San Diego City College. It is the flagship program of the new CTTV, which is expanding its programming to include a weekly radio news briefing.

Thursday, 3/17 at 5 & 9 p.m. – CityChill, Ep. 1

CityChill pulls together an eclectic mix of music to create a vibe that can, at the risk of sounding cliche, best be described as chill. Host Skylar Eppler will navigate through San Diego’s indie music scene of the past, present and future, and feature songs that throw the idea of genre out the window and seem to connect themselves to each other through their shared influences. Lo-fi, chillwave, trip-hop, ambient, experimental, downtempo only begins to describe what you might find on CityChill.