VIDEO: Tortitas de papa con atún recipe for #CityCookingChallenge

Host Susana Serrano turns her Hunger Action Day ingredients into an easy recipe for Lent


A delicious plate of tortitas de papa con atún with pico de gallo on the side is an easy dish to make from Hunger Action Day food. Photo by Susana Serrano/City Times Media

Susana Serrano, Multimedia Editor

In this week’s #citycookingchallenge, City Times reporter Susana Serrano cooked tortitas de papa con atún, a dish traditionally made during Lent in many Mexican families who practice Catholicism.

Serrano obtained a variety of items from the Hunger Action Day event on Monday, March 21. Students, staff and community members can pick up free groceries from the San Diego Food Bank and Feeding San Diego every first Tuesday and third Monday of every month at Hunger Action Days.

Many of the items given out at the event consisted of fresh produce, dried goods and canned food. 

Serrano took home strawberries, oranges, potatoes, beans, rice, canned tuna and corn. She used the potatoes and the canned tuna to make the tortitas (potato patties).

In the video, Serrano talks about how this dish takes her back to her childhood and it’s one of her favorite recipes from her mom.

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