City College celebrates its Latinx community

Join en comunidad to honor and uplift the Latinx community at City College


The newly painted mural on the wall of the City College cafeteria honors the history of the Chicana/o/x department and the diverse campus community. Photo by Antonio Contreras/CityTimes Media

Antonio Contreras, Multimedia Journalist

To celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, San Diego City College is hosting a month-long celebration to honor and uplift this diverse community.

Multiple events will take place starting on Sept. 15. Activities like a themed women’s volleyball game on Sept. 23, a lowrider event on Sept. 27 and a men’s panel on Sept. 30 are all planned.

The events are an opportunity for in-person connection with one another since going fully online during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Acting Dean of Student Affairs Adan Sanchez. 

“We want people to feel proud for who they are and where they came from,” Sanchez said. “We have the opportunity to engage with everyone in person and we’re so excited for students and faculty on campus to just connect.”


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About 39 percent of students in the San Diego Community College District identify as Latinx, according to a district demographics report from 2021-22. At City College, about 46 percent of students identify as Latinx.

“It’s important for us to designate and dedicate time, where we start to change what our calendar looks like so it reflects more closely the diversity and inclusion,” Chicano studies professor Sara Solaimani said. “I want people to feel pride when celebrating their culture and preserve that cultural heritage.”

The event calendar serves as a foundation for year-round opportunities to enhance engagement and provide support for the Latinx community, Sanchez said.

“By exerting the importance of devoting time and attention to our culture and history, it helps advance the cause,” said professor & chair of Chicana/o/x department Justin Akers Chacon.

For more information on the upcoming events and ongoing resources Latinx Resources, check the student affairs Instagram page. 

Editors’ note: City Times has updated its style guide to standardize the use of the word Latinx when referring to individuals together who identify as a person from, or whose ancestors were from, a Latin American land or culture. The Associated Press Stylebook recommends using the word Latino; however, editors felt the term did not effectively include all members of the LGBTQ community.