City College ASG legacy project puts priority on period products

Free pads and tampons are now available in all gender-neutral first-floor restrooms on campus


A person retrieves a menstrual pad from an Aunt Flow dispenser, similar to the dispensers installed in every ground-floor gender-neutral bathroom at City College. Aunt Flow courtesy photo

Kathryn Gray, Editor-In-Chief

When the organization Aunt Flow approached San Diego City College’s Associated Students Government, then-president Victoria Owusu saw an opportunity to address a basic need that is often overlooked: menstruation products.

“Some people have had to improvise or forego feminine products because they cannot afford them,” ASG Advisor Lori Oldham said.

With the support of ASG and City College President Ricky Shabazz, the 2021-2022 ASG legacy project was born, according to Oldham.

In partnership with the facilities department, ASG was able to install dispensers stocked with 100% cotton menstrual pads and tampons in every gender-neutral ground floor bathroom at City. 

Current ASG President and former Treasurer Diego Bethea said working with Aunt Flow was a relatively seamless process. The goal is to eventually have a dispenser in every gender-neutral and female bathroom on campus.

In addition, Student Health will also have pre-packaged bundles of menstruation supplies for students to take home with them. 

“If people need products, the idea is that they can go to Student Health and package up a cycle’s worth of products,” Oldham said.

When California passed Assembly Bill 367, enacting the Menstrual Equity for All Act of 2021, requiring community colleges to provide free and accessible menstrual products on campus, ASG was prepared.

ASG, who approached the project as a way to increase equity on campus, according to Oldham, would have brought Aunt Flow dispensers to City whether required by law or not.

For Bethea, providing free menstrual products at City is one of the many ways ASG works toward a more equitable and inclusive campus.

If you find a dispenser that needs to be restocked or have any questions or suggestions, reach out to ASG here.