VIDEO: Treat your Valentine with a sweet rice dish from #CityCookingChallenge

The City Times Media team makes sweet rice pudding with Hunger Action Day, Knight’s Table ingredients


With ingredients from Hunger Action Day and Knight’s Table, you can make this sweet rice pudding from seven ingredients in single pan. Photo by Susana Serrano/City Times Media

Shamere Grimes, Multimedia Journalist

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the City Times Media team shows you how to make an affordable sweet rice pudding.

Nearly all of the ingredients were gathered from the Hunger Action Day food drive on Feb. 13 and the Knight’s Table food pantry, which opened this spring on the San Diego City College campus.

#CityCookingChallenge host Susana Serrano demonstrates how to make a simple rice pudding recipe with seven ingredients and a single pan, all in roughly 30 minutes.

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