Ready or not: Mandatory shift to .edu email address coming to City College students next month

Starting March 27, all messages from your professors will go to your new student account


City Times Media student Sean Monney demonstrates login process for new student email, Feb. 21, 2023.

Sean Monney, Multimedia Journalist

Check your email, San Diego City College students.

A message about your new .edu address was sent to all students and has instructions for accessing your new account.

Logging into this account is now urgent, as all communications from the San Diego Community College District will be sent to your .edu email starting March 27.

Your personal account will no longer receive any information. 

Yet another email address to check might seem like a hassle, but this .edu address will be vital to maintaining contact with your professors and others within the district. 

SDCCD is also offering free access to Microsoft 365, and a .edu address can get you free or discounted subscriptions to news outlets, streaming services and software. 

Click here for more instructions and FAQs.