City College alums return, guide students in building Black wealth

The event, sponsored by HUBU, marked the end of Black History Month


Alonzo Harvey, right, discusses ways to build wealth to City College students with Anthony Walker, left, at MS-140. Feb 28. 2023. Photo by Joel Nevarez/City Times Media

Joel Nevarez, Sports Editor

For San Diego City College alums Anthony Walker and Alonzo Harvey, closing out Black History Month on the campus was a full-circle moment.

“I found myself at City College,” Harvey said. “I was walking around here, having no idea who I was or what I wanted to do. But when I came to City, they immediately acknowledged the potential that I had.”

Harvey, along with his cousin Walker, returned to host a workshop on building Black wealth for students and faculty on Feb. 28.

The inspiration for the event, which included a wealth-building curriculum designed by Walker, comes from his book, “B is for Black Wealth.”

Anthony Walker's book B is for Black Wealth
Anthony Walker’s book B is for Black Wealth. Photo courtesy of B is for Black Wealth website

“It started here at City College,” said Harvey who is now studying at UC Berkeley, “to bring that back and share some of the knowledge that I gained, and doing things with my cousin and just bringing it back. It’s heartwarming.” 

The goal of the curriculum, according to the website, is to guide and expose attendees on ways they can build wealth and empower their community.   

“I’m trying to utilize what we already have within our community,” Walker said, “to really just shine a mirror on the beautiful things that Black people do that leads to wealth building.” 

For Walker, this was the first time he presented this curriculum after a year of building it with Harvey. 

“It’s important because this is the first time we presented our curriculum to an actual class,” Walker said. “It was just so fitting that we did it together.”

The presentation was well attended with both students and faculty participating. 

“I came out to pick up information about wealth and being able to build generational wealth,” Freshman business major Johnathan Salmond said. “Being able to build wealth for yourself also means bringing that same wealth and sharing that wealth with your community.” 

During the workshop, attendees were given a personality quiz. Based on their answers they were assigned a personality type and given wealth-building tips that matched it.

The different personality traits were the professional, the entrepreneur, the investor, the plug and the hustler. 

Besides being family, Walker and Harvey are connected through similar stories. Throughout different points in their lives, both found their callings at City.

“City College is so very important,” Walker said. “City had a huge impact on my life. So I was grateful to be able to come back with my cousin to share my journey, share what I’ve learned and I’ve gained, and give it right back to the students.”

Walker plans to continue presenting his curriculum to more students, with the goal of taking it to elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

“I just feel like it’s so powerful,” Walker said. “We have such powerful stories, and such common stories, dealing with the criminal justice system, the system of schooling and education.”