City Times Media releases special mid-year print newspaper

CTM’s Open House edition is the first like it since pandemic


A special Open House edition newspaper published by City Times Media news staff is available in campus newsstands throughout the month of May 2023. Photo by Keadan Bradley/City Times Media

Keadan Bradley, Social Media Producer

The City Times Media team produced a special Open House print newspaper that went into newsstands around the campus on April 27. 

A mid-year edition has not been printed since the pandemic, making this paper incredibly meaningful to the staff who worked on it.

Commencement editions have been the only print newspapers to come out of City Times Media since COVID-19 hit midway through the spring 2020 semester. 

“This highlights some of the amazing things going on on campus, including our graphic design program that was voted one of the best in the world, as well as our nursing program,” Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Gray said.

Not only was this edition meant to showcase some of the award-winning programs at City College, but it was also meant to remind students of the community they belong to at City.

“It gives students the ability to pick something up that’s fun to read that informs them about their community and gives them ideas of how they can get more involved, where they can get information,” Gray said. “(It) just kind of promotes a community feel on the campus to get everybody knowing what’s up, because we’ve been off campus for so long.”

The papers can be picked up at any of the 15 newsstands around campus.