GALLERY: City College students decorate caps in advance of commencement

A sunny day in Gorton Quad was the perfect backdrop for craft projects


Nathaly Alvizures

Fanny Benitez, an education major, decorates her graduation cap, dedicating it to her first baby, 4-month-old Valerie, May 16, 2023. Photo by Nathaly Alvizures/City Times Media

Nathaly Alvizures, Contributor

Approximately 30 students, along with family members and campus administrators, gathered around tables in Gorton Quad to decorate their graduation caps in advance of semester-ending commencement events.

Using hot glue and decorations ranging from roses to rhinestones provided by Associated Student Governments, the students took plain black graduation caps and made them their own.

View the gallery above to learn more about the students and their caps.