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French Toast Ö l’Orange

Bri Heath and Bri Heath

May 17, 2010

Ingredients: 4 eggs 1 tbsp sugar, optional 1 ´ cups milk 10-12 slices any bread ´ cup orange juice A few pieces orange peel, torn ´ tsp vanilla 1 tsp nutmeg ´ tbsp cinnamon Desired amount butter Directions: Whisk eggs until they are evenly colored and frothy - with a coat of air bubbles on top. Add milk and orange juice, whisk again. Mix sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon together....

Professor Drexler’s Voice is heard at City College

Mollie Shepardson and Mollie Shepardson

May 17, 2010

[CK] may10 For more than a decade, widely known voiceover artist David Drexler has played a large role in the Radio and Television Department at San Diego City College. Drexler came to SDCC after starting his own production company, Drexler Media, in 1986, and continues to produce commercials for clients such as the Viejas Casino. He also received three Emmys for performance...

Who is Jennifer Montgomery?

Hazel Rodriguez and Hazel Rodriguez

May 17, 2010

Jennifer Montgomery, development director for KSDS Jazz 88.3, fulfilled a lifelong dream when she entered as a hopeful contestant to the game show Jeopardy last September. After moving on from auditions, Montgomery made it as an official contestant on the show, which aired on Dec. 14, 2009. Taking the lead on the first game, Montgomery went on for three consecutive wins,...

A look inside City College tattoo culture

Jason Boyle and Jason Boyle

May 17, 2010

The idea of intentionally marking one's body can be daunting, especially considering the fact that it's not only permanent, but the process itself can be painful, too. Despite that, the trend of tattooing is, and has been, on the rise for about the past decade and grows exponentially with each year that passes. According to a 2006 study done by the Journal of the American...

Students face tough choices

Mark Rivera and Mark Rivera

May 17, 2010

In this economic climate, many City College students have to juggle a full school schedule along with a full-time job in order to be self-sufficient. For some, this heavy load has proven to be a bit much to carry. One student who said he felt this strain is Joseph Marrero. He was a full-time City College student trying to complete the necessary upper-division units needed...

Before you go under the gun

Dan Berger and Dan Berger

May 17, 2010

So you're thinking about showing that special someone how devoted you are with some life-long body art? Or maybe you just want to become one with your favorite masterpiece. Here's a list I've compiled containing tips from Karen L. Hudson, author of "Living Canvas: Your Complete Guide to Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Modification," as well as from the Santa Barbara County Public...

Fighting for your right to education

John Balchak and John Balchak

May 17, 2010

City College English Professor Jim Miller has returned from a journey reminiscent of Cesar Chavez and other civil rights leaders. His pilgrimage was to the state capitol and his goal was to stand up (and march) for students in California. On March 6, in Bakersfield, a determined group of social funding advocates, Miller among them, began walking north through the Central...

Eateries That Give Freebies

Bri Heath and Bri Heath

May 17, 2010

Have a low budget and a birthday coming up? With the economy as it is now, maybe you're worried your friend, relative or significant other just won't have it this year to take you out to a big dinner. Maybe you want to spend time with friends - but can't afford a big party. Perhaps you'd just like a night with yourself. Well, there are many establishments that will give you...

Historical Balboa Stadium

John Balchak and John Balchak

May 17, 2010

A part of the original City College and San Diego High School campuses was Balboa Stadium. Built in 1914 in preparation for the Pan-California Exposition, this massive, concrete bowl hosted presidents, adventurers, pro football championships and epic music events. After the expo, President Woodrow Wilson gave a speech at Balboa Stadium supporting the creation of the League...

Rodriguez, BEAT and beyond

Ernesto Lopez and Ernesto Lopez

May 17, 2010

As he slowly peeled an orange, Jose Rodriguez, a City College student and one of three student founders of the Bring Education and Activism Together Club, said he doesn't like being called a founder of BEAT because that would give him some sort of status he doesn't feel he should have. "I don't like the title of founder, it gives some sort of status in the club and it may...

A brief glimpse into the past

Evonne Ermey and Evonne Ermey

May 17, 2010

As another semester draws to an end and another class of City graduates prepare to don cap and gown, we take a look at semesters past at City College. Among the archives of City Times newspaper, previously known as the Fortknightly, and before that, the Jay Sees, we were able to uncover a veritable time capsule of political, musical and sports history of our campus. It's...

Keep it clean on Earth Day

Evonne Ermey

April 19, 2010

Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said, "There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." April 22 is the day we celebrate the glory of our ship. Earth Day 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of this environmentally minded holiday. What began as a nation wide rally of 20 million people has grown into an international day of conscientiousness. Worldwide,...

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