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Fight prejudice by forgetting it

Brittany Arquette and Brittany Arquette May 8, 2007

By Brittany Arquette City Times With all the media hype these days over prejudiced comments made by everyone from Don Imus to Michael Richards to Mel Gibson to Issah Washington (from "Grey's Anatomy"),...

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What’s wrong with being self-centered?

Josie Salazar and Josie Salazar May 8, 2007

By Josie Salazar City Times Are not all students in some ways Narcissistic? On the other hand, is the "you're special" praise being overly used, causing students to be "stuck up" and "self centered?" I...

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Live and Learn

Luis Bahena March 20, 2007

By Luis Bahena City Times I always find myself asking the question, "How much can people find out about you by learning about what you do?" This question was most recently raised by a small assignment...

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The question of global warming

Stephen Burgers March 20, 2007

By Stephen Burgers City Times When I was in third grade, we celebrated the first Earth Day. My school was in a middle class neighborhood which afforded each student a pine seedling to take home and plant. I...

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Letters to the Editor

March 20, 2007

Education is a right and not a privilege Dear Editor: I would be most disagreeable in your "real world" of intolerance. In response to your article entitled "The liberal hippies at Berkeley need to look...

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Web responsibility goes both ways

Shanee Warden December 12, 2006

By Shanee Warden City Times A 17-year-old girl is on Myspace and contacted by a man twice her age. She replies to his messages, tells him all sorts of personal information including her phone number...

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Holiday spirit has been forgotten

Alex Sanders December 12, 2006

By Alex Sanders University of Connecticut Daily Campus STORRS, Conn. - The news is more frequently containing stories about Christmas shoppers getting trampled or a shooting over a Playstation 3. As much...

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Vox Populi

Allan Candalore December 12, 2006

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Gillespie, Julie November 14, 2006

By JULIE GILLESPIE City Times Each day we come across new forms of discrimination. People are judged by their race, monetary class, gender, and job. These are things we see that most people deal with...

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, , and November 14, 2006

Dear Editor: RE: "Check your dome," Sept. 26 issue Thanks to Lizzie Lacey for her great coverage of the Sept. 14 "Kick-off" of the new City College/East Village Traffic Safety Project. As a City College...

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October 31, 2006

City Times' Editorial Board believes that the upcoming election on November seventh is an important one, especially for those of us attending City College as it proposes Proposition N, an $870 million...

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Luis Bahena October 31, 2006

It baffles me to know that the third World War can start any time in the up-coming years, or even months. I mean, World War III, yet still, I'm stuck at the Gap making what I consider to be a tough decision...

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