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Letters to the Editor

May 22, 2007

DON'T SUPPORT SIFE Dear Editor: While I enjoy reading about the success of SIFE in competition I believe it should be noted on how, in an attempt to get funding, they misrepresented the true prizes available in a raffle held Fall semester 2006. They advertised two $100 dollar prizes which they did not give out because "we did not make enough money to give out these [prizes]." While...

Editorial Cartoon – Virginia Tech

Emily Pfaff and Emily Pfaff

May 8, 2007

An editorial cartoon by Emily Pfaff, staff artist

Fight prejudice by forgetting it

Brittany Arquette and Brittany Arquette

May 8, 2007

By Brittany Arquette City Times With all the media hype these days over prejudiced comments made by everyone from Don Imus to Michael Richards to Mel Gibson to Issah Washington (from "Grey's Anatomy"), it makes me wonder: can we ever really get rid of prejudice? "I think hating someone because of their race, religion, sexuality, or whatever is stupid. but you can never get...

What’s wrong with being self-centered?

Josie Salazar and Josie Salazar

May 8, 2007

By Josie Salazar City Times Are not all students in some ways Narcissistic? On the other hand, is the "you're special" praise being overly used, causing students to be "stuck up" and "self centered?" I mean we all have been taught that we have to like who we are in order for others to like us. We also are taught that life on our own can get difficult and we will need all...

The formula for health and level heads

Emily Pfaff and Emily Pfaff

May 8, 2007

By Emily Pfaff City Times "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!" As old-fashioned and bittersweet as the beverage itself, this ever-popular turn of phrase might actually come in handy. Sure, life's obstacles aren't always so easily overcome, but knowing how to keep your cool in high stress situations is essential to succeeding. More and more research is being done...

Editorial Cartoon – Wal-Mart

May 8, 2007

By Dan Cari§o / MCT Campus

Reflections on Virginia Tech Tragedy

David King and David King

May 8, 2007

By David King Contributor On Monday, April 16th, a 23 yr old English Major at Virginia Tech killed 32 fellow students and professors before killing himself. Humans are an inquisitive species that do not find ambiguity all that comfortable and are completely disconcerted by outlandish situations where they can discern no foundational rationale. So, like sharks to the chum...

Ethnicity should not be a factor for blame

Jennifer Oh and Jennifer Oh

May 8, 2007

By Jennifer Oh Contributor The Virginia Tech campus killing spree has shocked our nation and led to some awful realizations about what one person potentially could be capable of doing or conjuring up. The media has had multiple spins and takes on this matter. Unfortunately, much of it has to do with race, when the fact is that any one person who is socially inept and has...

Live and Learn

Luis Bahena

March 20, 2007

By Luis Bahena City Times I always find myself asking the question, "How much can people find out about you by learning about what you do?" This question was most recently raised by a small assignment I had in my English class. For my English class, we were told to bring in an article to share with the class on our next meeting. We had been short on time so the teacher didn't...

The question of global warming

Stephen Burgers

March 20, 2007

By Stephen Burgers City Times When I was in third grade, we celebrated the first Earth Day. My school was in a middle class neighborhood which afforded each student a pine seedling to take home and plant. I planted my tree and it ended up being cut down by my brother wielding our lawnmower. I didn't contemplate an environmental holocaust because this was during the cold war...

Letters to the Editor

March 20, 2007

Education is a right and not a privilege Dear Editor: I would be most disagreeable in your "real world" of intolerance. In response to your article entitled "The liberal hippies at Berkeley need to look at the big picture..." I was shocked and appalled by the lack of compassion. In my opinion, the hippies aren't the only ones who need to look at the "big picture". I believe...

Web responsibility goes both ways

Shanee Warden

December 12, 2006

By Shanee Warden City Times A 17-year-old girl is on Myspace and contacted by a man twice her age. She replies to his messages, tells him all sorts of personal information including her phone number and her favorite sexual position. The man states he would love to meet up and have sex in exchange for a new pair of shoes. She soon gets a phone call from him on her house phone....

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