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Kicking into fitness

Rosemarie Davis and Rosemarie Davis

May 21, 2007

By Rosemarie Davis City Times Do you like to push yourself to the limit to see exactly what it is that you're made of? Or if you work out to the point where you feel like your chest is going to explode (and like that feeling), then I know your type. You're the type that likes to reach new pinnacles in your workout. You're the type that needs to try Muay Thai kickboxing,...

Softball team takes first place in conference

Scott Landheer and Scott Landheer

May 7, 2007

By Scott Landheer City Times The women's softball team ended their regular season with a 31-10-1 record, giving them a first place finish in the Pacific Coast Conference and a share of the PCC championship with Palomar and Grossmont. The team, lead by PCC co-coach of the year, LeeAnn Taylor, had several players who were honored individually at PCC, regional and state levels. Freshman...

Dolls on wheels

Rosemarie Davis and Rosemarie Davis

May 7, 2007

Column SPORTS ON THE EDGE By Rosemarie Davis City Times Tattooed, sexy women wearing fishnets and short skirts that skate on quads with fury - no, this is not a character from the latest campy Quentin Tarantino film. This is a description of some of our very own local female athletes in San Diego. These women don't fit the usual mold of what people think an athlete looks...

Badminton team to defend state title at home

Scott Landheer and Scott Landheer

May 7, 2007

By Scott Landheer City Times The San Diego City College women's badminton team will defend their state championship title on May 10 at 3 p.m. at Harry West Gymnasium after beating East Los Angeles 21-0 in the Southern California Regional playoff. The badminton team, coached by Son Nguyen, dominated almost every team they came up against on their way to an undefeated season,...

Women’s basketball returns to court

Tala Bashmi

March 19, 2007

By Tala Bashmi City Times After a decade-long absence, the San Diego City College women's basketball team has been reinstated. The Knights struggled during the pre-season, finishing 1-13, as well as finishing a dismal 1-12 during conference play, but that is only to be expected from a team so recently formed. On Feb. 3, the team did get their first conference win at the...

Soccer coach earns full-time appointment

Rebecca Saffran

March 19, 2007

By Rebecca Saffran City Times "Freeway Fliers": part-time professors who pay their dues by commuting between two or three campuses while working to achieve a full-time appointment on one. Andi Miliburn, City's newly appointed Assistant Professor of Health & Exercise Science, no longer makes such trips to Miramar or Mesa while coaching women's soccer at City. Now she can...

Harry West Gym home to new sports programs

Cameron Mason

March 19, 2007

By Cameron Mason City Times The Harry West Gymnasium was completed in Oct. of 2005 to accommodate indoor athletics played at San Diego City College. The facility was built to replace a previously inadequate facility in the P building along Park Boulevard. The new gymnasium provides three regulation basketball courts, eight badminton courts, and five volleyball courts - all...

Fitness Center offers options

Brittany Arquette

March 19, 2007

By Brittany Arquette City Times Walk into any Bally's or 24 Hour Fitness and it's the same thing: for only a couple of hundred dollars down and $40 a month, you can become a member. But at that price, don't even think about a personal trainer. If you're a student at City, though, you have access to a workout facility with all the same equipment as a mainstream gym, plus...

Sports on the Edge

Rosemarie Davis

March 19, 2007

Do you have an adventurous streak and would like to try something new? If you're up for a challenge then try indoor rock climbing (also known as free climbing). It's a fun alternative sport and is a great work out. Indoor rock climbing takes upper body strength, but for total momentum one must utilize the lower half of the body and propel oneself up with the legs. This enables...

Men’s soccer makes it to regionals

Shanee Warden

December 12, 2006

Shanee Warden City Times The City College men's soccer team's post-season playoffs came to an end on Nov. 21. The team lost in the Southern California Regional playoffs in their second round against Irvine Valley. This is the second straight year the team as made the playoffs. The Knights had a 15-1-5 record against Irvine Valley's of 15-3-4. City College had the lead at...

Volleyball has triple win over Grossmont

Scott Landheer

November 14, 2006

By SCOTT LANDHEER City Times The three games may have been close, but they were all the City College women's volleyball team needed to put away Grossmont, winning 30-26, 31-29 and 30-28 at Harry West Gymnasium on Nov. 3. After a powerful rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" by freshman opposite hitter Samantha Werner, the Knights came out swinging in the first game. They...

‘Tis the season for Knights’ Christmas trees

Warden, Shanee

November 14, 2006

By SHANEE WARDEN City Times San Diego City College baseball team will be selling Christmas trees from now until Nov. 27 in order to raise money for equipment and help fund team activities. The Christmas tree fundraiser is just one of many fundraisers the team participates in throughout the year. "I want these guys to have an experience they can remember here for life,"...

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