Man threatening San Diego campuses in custody

David McAtee

Campus Police were on high alert this week in response to a report from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department which stated that a man released Wednesday from jail in Sacramento planned to commit a shooting on a San Diego County college campus.

Authorities said the man, Thai Thanh Dang, made the claim while in jail, but did not state which campus he intended to perpetrate the crime on. Currently, Dang has been located and is in the custody of the Sacramento Police Department.

Police on campuses around the county were taking extra precautions with warnings of suspicious behavior, according to City College Police Sergeant Diane Medero. “Campus police are putting in extra patrol. We’re asking everyone to be vigilant,” she stated on Monday.

The story was released by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department on Sunday. According to Rich Dittbenner, the Director of Public Information and Government Relations for the San Diego Community College District, Dang didn’t appear to be in the area. “But in this day and age, this is something we have to pay attention to. All police in the area are alert because [Dang] had mentioned San Diego. If he had said Phoenix, police in Phoenix would be just as alert,” Dittbenner said Monday.