‘Road Trip’ nation recruits on campus

Fernando Yates

Road Trip Nation, a documentary show on the Public Broadcasting Service, was in Gorton Quad looking for applicants for their 2011 season.

The open casting call was looking for students that are “passionate” to take road trips and find an alternative career. The premise of the show is centered around these students driving around the country looking for interesting people that have turned their passion into a career. The goal is to inspire the participants to do the same.

Road Trip Nation is the product of former Pepperdine University students who did not know what to do with their lives. As a result they took a road trip to find people that inspired them.

The result was Road Trip Nation, which is based Costa Mesa, Calif., and is staffed by about 25 full-time employees, and is also aided by volunteers. The company is broken up into two divisions, a for-profit documentary division and a non-profit which is aimed towards high school students to encourage furthering their education.

The application window for the first round of casting ends Jan.14. More information and video can be seen at www.roadtripnation.com and www.roadtripnation.org.