Honors Society welcomes new members


Phi Theta Kappa held its annual induction ceremony on Oct 4. in the Saville Theatre. Over 60 students were present and inducted into the honors society. Official Facebook image.

Ahmad Blue

City College Honors Society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) hosted their 13th annual induction ceremony Oct. 4 in the Saville Theater. Over 60 inductees, male and female, were present for the event.

The night included speeches from prominent campus officials. Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Michael Paul Wong spoke about leadership and gave a brief history lesson to the crowd of the society’s beginnings. Interim President Lynn Nault added heartfelt words of encouragement as well.

The ceremony not only welcomed the inductees but also a few newly appointed officers. Thanks to generous sponsorship, a few PTK members were also able to give away shirts and a few other specialty items to attendees, making for some enjoyable interaction with the crowd.

After the event, families greeting their proudly inducted loved ones were also treated to cake and cookies to celebrate.

“It feels good, It shows accomplishment,” said Adrian Gonzalez, one of the newly inducted members.

When asked how he felt about this years’ induction, Phi Theta Kappa alumni Harrison Drayton said, “I think it went fairly well —- us students putting it together.”

For more Information about Phi Theta Kappa, visit www.sdcity.edu/About/Directory/Offices.