ASG holds elections April 20,21

Luisa Sausedo

Elections for City College’s Associated Student Government are being held on April 20 and 21 and students can vote from their smartphones or computers by logging onto

Since April 4, a number of students have been campaigning, however they are all running unopposed, except for the Public Events Coordinator. Three of the nine officer positions have no candidates.

Daron Woods, currently Senate vice president, is running for ASG president. Suma Massaley, currently Senate president, is running for ASG vice president. There are nine Senate seats available; only current Senator Ignacio Hernandez is running to continue in that organization.

A summary of the candidates’ platforms are available on City’s website,

“As ASG president, I will advocate to further develop our campus as a place where diversity is treasured, and seen not as a hindrance but as empowering,” Woods said. “City College students all have to face one obstacle or another, and it would be my job as president to make sure we have the best shot at getting our education.”

Running for vice president, Massaley added her views, as well.

“I want to make awareness of the unique opportunities City College has to offer its students,” she said. “I plan to improve leadership on campus by making sure every student at City College knows that the Associated Students Government is here to serve and represent their voices.”

The ASG is made up of students who are working to represent the students at City College. They finance, organize and direct student-sponsored programs and events held on campus.

Students will be able to vote 24/7 online at on April 20, and 21 or in the Student Affairs office, M-200, where two computers will be available for voting.

Results will be posted in the ASG office Wednesday, April 27, by 3 p.m.

Election coverage will be available on